03 December 2014

from Giona Beltrametti

2 Poems by Franco Beltrametti

(plenty of light & ventilation is
important) (run, sweat, day-
dream) (do not think) (very important)
(Theodora baby blue eyes) very, very
important) (consider clouds, water, woods,
wolves, words, BOOKLAND is a neon blue
sign) (Smith Corona, your typewriter)
(from the A-frame pitch window I see
I see I see) (where are we)

19/III/ 78 Georgetown Island
for Joanne Kyger & James Koller


My demons
I see coming out
even from where
I thought them exorcised
they say they’re feeling well
we’re getting to be friends.

for James Koller


I think Franco would say "let's take a walk in the garden and take a look at Monte Generoso, drink good grappa together then put paper to draw and write on the ground and create some art then grampa John will come around and make some polenta in the fireplace, of course there will be some bottles of Barbera and gorgonzola cheese to go with the polenta."


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