10 December 2015

remembering the poets

We moved by water, slowly
found our way in the dark, through the canals,
around the tight corners. We moved slowly-
circled out & in, put it together
like some kind of needlework. Some places
folks don't live their lives in a straight line.

James Koller (1936-2014)
15 Oct 87 Venezia


One Journey

Moths and other sacred wings
Butterflies and bees whisper
In breath of the wind
Blessed way blessing way things

Dreams are the minds streams
Thought pictures of the spirit
There are dreams of the day
There are dreams of the night

Thinking and dreaming are related
Dreams of the day we make our own
Dreams of night part eternals stone
There are dream takers
Taking from dream worlds
Taking dreams as a way of
Stealing thoughts

Turning minds inside then out
Dream slavers want to change
Our connections to ourselves
Mess with our dreams make us unsure
Unclear about right and wrong
Feed our dreams and instincts
To industrial profit machine

Difference between dream and fantasy
Reality and illusion center and no center
Dreams of the day keep our spirits alive
Our creative mind who we really are

With dreams we can create and heal
Follow our original purpose
Dreams are protection good medicine
Blessed way blessings way things

Sun and moon continue
We are all on one journey

John Trudell (1946-2015)
from Children of Earth
Childs Voice


For Jim

10 dicember 2014
10 Dicember 2015
dear Jim we remember you

25 November 2015

hello from Dianella in Italy

Ciao, with the permission of Jed Koller almost every day I put in my blog one poem of Jim  from "A river I could't find":https://poesiaprosaspontanea.wordpress.com/2015/11/21/a-river-i-couldnt-find-di-james-koller-2/
I love so much these poems of Jim and I remember him as poet and as person. In few day is the 10 dicember, as you know naturally
all the best from Dianella

20 February 2015

Another song for James Koller. Love, Bertie

Searching For Blue Sky
my father died an old
man coyote crow
face to the open
window sky road

we gathered around
the world together him
a lifetime of
children lovers friends

for blue sky

oh joplin missouri
wind & clouds & rain
a poet died in your arms
but to you it's all the same

we're all just passing through
nomads drifters tramps
on our way to somewhere else
black coffee & maps

for blue sky

set me loose on the
highways back-roads trails
let my heart
open love wail

for the days yet to
come be pass
from now until my
final closing last

for blue sky

my father died an old
man coyote crow
face to the open
window sky road

beneath a mid-day sun
whiskey feathers bells
together we bade him

for blue sky

23 Jan 15

our Love, Bob

05 February 2015

from Ida Rose

There is a chair in my kitchen where you've always sat
I look over
and see you there
watching me.
You smile. And with your same eyes,
I smile back.

(I love you, dad.)

04 February 2015

M. Swift - For Jim, on the 49th Day

For Jim, on the 49th Day

Thus shall ye think of all this fleeting world:a star at dawn,
 a bubble in a stream;
 a flash of lightning in a summer cloud,
 a flickering lamp, a phantom
 and a dream.

— The Diamond Sutra

29 January 2015

After reading " from a daughter" - Dianella

After reading " from a daughter"
Ci sono persone
che rimangono sempre fuori di noi
anche se le tocchiamo
ci parliamo
ci scambiamo parole
e ci auguriamo belle cose -
altre le vedi due volte
ma intensamente
altre non le hai mai viste
sono morte da anni e decenni e anche più -
eppure le senti ogni giorno dentro di te -
sono i tuoi maestri -
le hai viste quelle due volte
e quando ti dicono è morto
senti che è venuto  a stare da te
dentro di te -
è una cosa strana ma vera

from John Lane

Thank you for sending me this link. I was so sad to hear of Jim's passing. Please accept my sincerest condolences. Peter Garland had emailed me to let me know that Jim had passed. I wish we had been able to mount a production of The Bone Show for them, but I just couldn't get it together.

It is lovely to see all of the tributes pouring in from various poets and friends. Thank you for sending me the link.

I have a picture of Jim and Peter. Perhaps you'd like to put it up? It is from 2011. And here's a link to excerpts from The Bone Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHDNnGe5SRE

All the Best,

15 January 2015

from a daughter

Poem title: "Because I told you that you would live on through me"

When a person dies
   many say that they leave
      an emptiness

I have been looking for this emptiness
   under rocks, in the sky, in city bricks and on train tracks
      in sounds
         like the tea kettle whistle, or the winter rain hitting the window

   I can't find the emptiness

I keep running into You
   here, there
       here, there

Even the prism through which I see and hear
   all of these things
      has your hand so firmly in its blueprint

So why should there be emptiness when You are everywhere
   and the world has become so full of You
that my heart intermingles its beats
   with Your own?

02 January 2015

in this and of 2014

Dear Jim, in this and of 2014 we think to you
with love from Dianella

Jerome Rothenberg - The Sky that Harbors Heaven

The Sky that Harbors Heaven
                                 for Jim Koller, in memory                

into the
homeless state
the lines
of poets
not hardened yet
into belief
& other acts
of cruelty

their voices
lost to us
signal a silence
sure as death*                                   * as breath
& louder
even now
I hear
& treasure
like a cry

the greatest
is silent
as the wise man
& turns
the future
still behind him

we love
only because
they break
the world
enough to let
the faintest light
shine through

the sky
that harbors heaven
is no sky
the darker world
enfolds it
waits there
until it swallows
mind & body

leaving scarce
a trace
once &
for all