03 December 2014

from Eero Ruuttila

The coyote photo in the first posting is Eero's - this is his response when the family asked if it was ok to use it.

I'm honored to be able to contribute to Jim's blog... Jim's a very important mentor/friend to me... We rarely corresponded but over the years crossed paths at many odd junctures. I set up 3 readings for Jim spanning nearly 40 years... Jim solo... Jim, Harry Hoogstraten & Franco Beltrametti... Jim & Stefan Hyner...

I remember he let me stay at his house when he was living w/Peggy Swift & I was pretty crazy... seeing too many "spirits"... wolves & red tail hawks & reindeer & such & no judgement from Jim... Just calm acceptance... those visions don't come often anymore... although I did see one a month or so ago w/coyotes running across the crest of a hill... there were a lot of them... they were all running at a comfortable pace... who's to say?? Forty?Sixty?

Anyway, all healing thoughts directed your way as family provides love and calm & and steady focus to lift spirit where it must go... hopefully physical pain does not encroach... my thoughts are with all of you.

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