06 December 2014

6 December 2014

Jim has been moved out of the hospital to a quiet place where Deirdre, Jed, Thea, Bert, & Maggie sit by his side.
We read to him, we talk to him, we listen to music & we wait.
We are with Jim. We are loving him. We are at his side on what we believe to be his final trip, as such. 
The river does not end when it reaches the sea.
He sees us. He hears us. He seems peaceful. We believe he knows where he is going. He always knows.
We are sharing our Love with him as you are sharing your Love with him.
Thank you all so much. Hold Jim in your hearts as he holds all of you in his.
with Love from Joplin, Missouri


The point:
that it always happens
with appropriate ritual.
Repeated in its own time & place,
appropriate ritual will effect
what is to be effected.

James Koller
4 Nov 1997
for Shannon Rose Riley


She cried & said, Sure,
when the time comes I will
cover you with red roses.

James Koller
Aug 1987


  1. I and Livio are there near you, near him, in your hearths, in his hearth, wer have know Jim a little, enough to love him a lot

  2. This -- the report on what is happening juxtaposed with Jim's take, thru his poems -- is very comforting to read, thank you.

    We had 2 rains -Thursday and Saturday - we sure do celebrate and talk about our rain!
    Blue Heron flew over our house this a.m..

    Sending love -Cirrelda in Albuquerque