06 December 2014

from Edward van Aelstyn

Almost 50 years ago, Jim, you and I and Jean and Carole went round and round our kitchen table in Eugene collating our first Coyote’s Journal.  That was one of many good times I remember from those days.  They are present to me now, and they were wonderful.  I wish you the very best in this extremity.  I’m in recovery also, slowly gaining strength after 7 months of chemo following a cancer operation.
I give back to you a poem of yours that has been good for me:


It won't last, nothing does.
Don't worry about it.
Things change.
You can't worry about it.
You have to be where you're at.
You have to do what you can do.
Don't worry about it.
Be where you're at.

your friend of then and now, Edward van Aelstyn (Van)

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