28 November 2016



Walking up to the window
winter gray first morning light,

I missed him, didn't see
he sat atop the garden fence post,

then did, & stopped, & he knew
I'd stopped when I saw him,

& he was still, no move
until I moved, took one small step back,

& he turned, flew straight away,
passed into the gray & white trees

James Koller
15 Jan 09
from A River I Couldn't Find

26 May 2016

Hello from Placitas, NM

Here's a recording I did in (I'm pretty sure) 1986 in Albuquerque when I was setting up readings at the Central Torta.

Thank you for "Crows Talk To Him." I liked the song and I'm asking who wrote the lyrics -- is it Jim or his son?

If you happen to know what books Jim was reading from let me know and I'll add it to the information.

Larry Goodell, 
a direct contemporary and long time friend of Jim Koller's.

28 January 2016

Some older videos collected here...

On the Poet's Cafe July, 2011


At RISD 20 Nov 2007



In Rome April 2008


Performance di Stefano Panzarasa alla vernice della Mostra di Collage di James Koller tenutasi 6/11/2010 alla Grafica Campioli , Monterotondo ROMA


Recent Bone Show Excerpt May 2011


22 January 2016

Traduttologia's new issue with a commemoration of Jim is available

dear friends

Traduttologia's new issue with a commemoration of Jim is available.

a. V (n. s.), n. 9-10, luglio 2013 - gennaio 2014

Per James Koller. A un amico, in memoria

It contains my translation of Wilderness by Carl Sandburg with Jim's short biographical note

 my translation of a slight  different version of "A river I couldn't find", worked by Jim and Stefano to be played as a song - we already sent the link - 

my translation of "From the Hotel Alba, Pescara" and brief comments on Jim's and Sandburg's poems. Some consideration on the term Wilderness and its translation into Italian.

a big hug