10 December 2014

James Anthony Koller Jr.
30 May 1936 - 10 December 2014


I want only blue sky over me.
I want the clouds, so many
of them, variations, passing,
changing as they pass.

I want the blackest nights
filled with turning stars.
I want birds to find me,
want the hot breath of animals.

The wind too shall pass,
on its way to places
I have been.

                                            30 Nov 95
                                            Battle Mountain


  1. I'm so sorry to read this this morning. My heart goes out to all of you (us).

  2. I'm very sorry to hear this. He lives on in his good words. Jesse Glass

  3. my love to the clan in your time of sorrow and celebration... -Shannon Rose Riley

  4. I did not know him personally but had the pleasure meeting most of his children. He was a fortunate man who left quite a legacy. :-)

  5. Oh, I didn't want to read this today. Or any day that matter. Over the years Jim would show up at our doorstep and bring his quiet way with him, a deep light that swirled around him if you had eyes and ears to see and hear. Like this poem of his, his Last Will and Testament. And he meant every word of it. His journey was filled with nourishment for us all. --Bobby Byrd

  6. He had a wonderful and great journey and brought us some great work, both of his own, and thru Coyote's Journal.

    Dennis Maloney - White Pine