10 December 2014

From Patsy to Jim

Dearest Jim,
almost 50 years of knowing you
loving you
missing, greeting, apart,together
connecting, missing again and again
don't know where to start
can't get arms around you not there
not here
your voice
that precious voice on the phone
instantly making me smile
all is forgiven
all is just right

all the letters
later the emails,
filled with your narratives,
your poems

we married others,
had our children with others;
this was how it was
some things are never completed.
now you are getting ready to fly away
this is how it is

all who love you are trying to let you go,
to cheer you,bless you on your journey
I know I should too.
Am working on it.
For now am sending you all love
on every sparkling channel
I can dial in:
love to you
and to your dear family, encircling you.

In the woods I looked up,
saw two Flickers high in a tree.
Watched them a while.
Suddenly one took flight.
There was a little pause,
then the other flew after.
They were calling to each other.

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